Crystals, minerals, and shiny rocks - You may be asking your self, "do rocks have souls?", "...are they alive?", and "Do rock's have magical powers?" The answers to these questions would leave Science (academia) speechless, and the rest of us would benefit greatly from the implications.
Our collection consists of many raw specimens, big, small, every color you can imagine, and some you can't! We share these beautiful stones with the world for the purpose of healing and so that we may learn what it is that they have to teach (stillness?). Don't take these words for it, come and experience the field of energy that these crystalline beings are generating, we will enjoy your company while you do. :0)

Plant Medicine, Superfoods, and Herbs (concoctions of all kinds) - It has been said that humans once lived in harmony with the Earth, and all life that inhabits it. Many believe we have always been a violent and confused race, but if you ask them the origins of these beliefs, you rarely will hear about any direct experiences regarding the belief. That being said, we do humbly suggest that even (especially) those who consider themselves to be living in good health, constantly examine what their diet should consist of. The reason for this suggestion is the overwhelming amount of tradition-based information, much of which has been tampered with in a customary sense, much like modern religion or scientific dogmas, significantly reducing the effectiveness of said schools of medicine. It is in the holistic application of ALL of these schools that we will find ourselves creating a personalized world of complete wellness, as it can be seen from every conceivable angle.

Lifestyle Change - Many of the great magi and adepts of our age have insisted that we humans "work" on ourselves, because the word "work" has a negative connotation applied to it by most. It is this kind of consistent self-control and self-reflection that is the basis of all mystery traditions, and we hope it can be the basis of our interactions. This will provide one with fertile soils which will allow desired changes to take place in one's life.
Why would you want to change your lifestyle?

Many of our brothers and sisters know that they desperately need something to fill the void that has been created by a life lived without purpose. Some have found purpose and yet still require further motivation/support/love to continue flowing with the transition that they are in.

We here at ESH, operate within a controlled state of chaos, embracing what is, and what is not.. We believe in the fractal perfection of the universe, after countless experiences of its infinite magnitude and precise geometric light/sound forms, we have become rather fond of "letting go" (cleansing/releasing) the old "ways" to make room for the unknown to unfold. This consists of allowing the self to do things that it doesn't "like" or "want" to do. For example: If you have hated broccoli your entire life, we will spend a small amount of time going back to the time when the disassociation was made, and seeing the different reasons why it may have happened, and then we will enjoy some broccoli together while we examine the constructs that were used to block it out. This may seem insignificant to some, but your computer on wheels would beg to differ. What "broccolis" might you have "imprinted" in reaction to your developing conditions?

Holistic Counseling - This is a service that will prove highly valuable to some, and completely unnecessary to others. Upon our meeting, and sharing of energies, all will be apparent in terms of what we see in each other. We believe this to be the basis of any true form of "sacred commerce". In that, we are driven by a deep and ever-expanding love for all life forms, thoughts, and energies in the omniverse(s). And we hope you will join us in REAL-izing what lies hidden in plain sight. This service is for those who seek what they already have. 

Shamanism -  We here at ESH advocate altering one's consciousness to achieve a higher perspective on one's reality, seeing it as a necessity in the "re-programming" process. Without the "altered state", one would potentially never recognize their waking state, the effect of which is to live one's life in a dream-state. Sound familiar?There are many ways to alter one's state of consciousness, including: controlled breathing, ecstatic chanting/drumming/dancing, sex magic, yoga, Shakespearean magic,  and even altering one's own brain chemistry using trusted medicinal compounds that have been used sacramentally throughout human history. Once again, with services such as these, it is important that we spend some time together before-hand, in order to really resonate with the possibility of such a dynamic service being offered.

Meta-Linguistic-Programming - Linguistic constructs shape the way in which we perceive reality. The brain is your super-computer on wheels (processing more faster than any man-made technology thus far). It manages millions of processes simultaneously while governing the organisms behavior, and it requires no owner's manual. When the desire arises to induce brain change, we have no choice but to first examine the words we use to define ourselves and the world around us. This is because words are the LANGUAGE which we have been programmed with, meaning they contain the SOFTWARE that has been installed by parents, church, school, society, and other unresolved traumatic experiences. By writing and speaking consciously, we can eliminate the use of dogmatic (absolute) perceptions and statements about the way the world works, which is much less stressful on the brain, as it has more room to conceive of the infinite possibilities that it was designed to conceive. This is a process that involves ALL of the services we offer, and essentially is the backbone of the system which we operate within.

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