Earth Sacred Healing - The time is Now.


Earth Sacred Healing is a collective effort coming out of Austin, Texas. Our services are geared to the modern tribal community, and cover a wide spectrum of specialties from plant medicine to energy "work" & channeled workshops.

Other offerings include:

Crystals (amazing prices for spectacular specimens), holistic counseling, shamanistic journeys, energetic meditation,emotional healing, conscious dieting guidance, self-empowerment, lifestyle change, workshops & DNA upgrades (ascension technologies).

UPDATE: Stay tuned, dear ones! ESH will be launching new developments in the very near future (get ready, Austin!) to greatly expand our ability to connect with and serve you all!

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Our product line is always growing and changing as we continue to explore the endless possibilities of health and wellness, but one thing that separates us from many companies is that we actually use all of the services that we are offering. For this reason, the results are on the table.

Whether you are joining us in our home on a regular basis, or meeting with us on the road (festival land?); We humbly thank you for your presence, and glorify the beautiful beings that you all are.

One Love!

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